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Our mission is to position our brand partners for optimal levels of growth on Amazon. This is what drives our team of high-end Amazon specialists. We do this by becoming an extension of your team, managing your Amazon operation by using industry leading business processes, systems, and infrastructures to take brands to new levels of growth and exposure on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

FBA Wholesale Partnership

Purchasing your stock for an all-in-one brand growth solution, we collaborate as your exclusive or co-exclusive wholesale partner, selling your products on our Seller Central account. With decades of experience across our team within Amazon wholesale, we manage, strategize and execute the most effective practices, positioning brands for optimal short term and long term success.

Amazon Brand Management for 1P & 3P Vendors

Our Amazon Brand Accelerator Program is a full brand management service and has been specifically built for established brands that sell on Amazon as 1P or 3P. Our comprehensive service employs market leading systems and processes to get the full potential out of your brand on Amazon across all key metrics.

SEO & Keyword Indexing

We leverage Amazon’s advertising data along with renowned software to design a market leading keyword and competitor analysis. Utilizing this, we write compelling copy, placing the most lucrative, relevant keywords optimally. This is key in positioning your brand for optimal sales and growth as we maximize brand awareness, as well as consumer click and conversion rates and in turn, Amazon BSR. We capitalize on these processes multiple times throughout the year, keeping your brand up to date with consumer trends.

Product Listing Optimization & Storefront Design

At the forefront of Amazon SEO, we fully utilize our market leading keyword research processes, executing comprehensive keyword implementation methodologies both on listings and in the back-end. This comprises of advanced indexing and SEO Copywriting, as well as A+ Content and Amazon Storefront design.

Inventory Management & Forecasting

Our team of inventory managers make sure you have the most effective planning and forecasting, ensuring you never run out of stock and that demand meets supply. They ensure that your brand has a healthy IPI score and that any issues are resolved for a smooth operation.

Amazon PPC & Paid Advertising

Our team of Amazon PPC experts stretch an advertising budget for full efficiency through our expert audits, optimal campaign structures, rules-based advertising software and refined manual bidding strategies, along with intricate keyword and competitor research to take your brand’s ad sales and organic sales to the highest levels.

Customer Service & Reviews

Managing buyer messages, Product questions & reviews is vital in order to:
1) Maintain/build a strong brand image with positive social proof
2) Understand your customers
3) Improve products through analyzing customer feedback
4) Grow sales
Our proven strategies facilitate this and also help to grow new positive product reviews by around 30% of the product’s sales volume.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

You will receive detailed and concise analytical reporting monthly and weekly so you are clear on our performance and your brands health and growth. This includes:

Sales Revenue and Profit Reporting
PPC and ACoS Reporting
Review Count Uplift & Star Rating

Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking

Our team benchmarks your brand against competitors and implements strategies to outperform them. We focus on positioning your brand to accelerate its growth against the competition in your category, within your niche.


Our teams of experts have you covered from all angles, applying their expert knowledge and strategies on Amazon growth along with our market leading resources and adaptable infrastructure. This not only optimizes your processes, maximizing your sales and profitability, but builds your brand as an asset with greater exposure to target markets and improved brand image.

An international team of amazon growth experts

At Marketplace Sorted®, we’re more than a partner, we’re an extension of your team. Our Amazon experts dedicate themselves to you, taking the extra steps needed to position your brand for optimal levels of growth on Amazon. This is not only exciting for you, but it gives you peace of mind. In addition, your team benefits a more manageable, focused workload. This in turn boosts productivity and generates better results all across your company, helping you grow further. Sit back whilst we get the full potential out of your brand.


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